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by Release Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for Database Transaction Logging/RecoveryDatabase Transaction Logging/Recovery
JPAI8QVL4WImproved performance of zaplsn when database is copied to another server with transaction logging enabled
Hide details for DesignerDesigner
LHEY9D6DSFFixes issue where ipening a design element via shelling out to Designer.exe does not work.
Hide details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
ALSR8GSN2FChanged the behavior of Directory Assistance name mapping to ignore the values of "Attribute to be used as Notes distinguished name" and "Attribute...
YYYY97HC5EFixed a potential Domino Server crash that could occur on an error condition during client authentication.
CAHT959LQG Fixes issue where complex LDAP search filter returns no results. The fix for this issue could introduce a performance degradation when there are...
PJON992RXYThis change reduces the number of attributes requested on a LDAP search query for authentication.
DANG8PCJH6Fixes issue where an auto-populated group will not
include the alphabetically last people in the Domino directory if there are response docs to...
JPAI9FEKCPFixes Notes Client issue where if a local NAMELookup cache has been created it is inappropriately being used as opposed to doing the NAMELookup on...
LCSSAD66RS Introduces a debug notes.ini DEBUG_OOO_REGULAR_NAMESPACE to fix an issue when a user enabled OOO from a Traveler device, but it was not enabled due...
Hide details for Domino Access ServicesDomino Access Services
RGAUA97JV6Before this fix, the data API sometimes misinterpreted the since parameter in a GET /{db}/api/data/documents request. This fix corrects how the data...
Hide details for DXLDXL
SAKI9C58HQFixes a Notes Client crash when doing DXLExport with: Error Message = PANIC: LookupHandle: handle out of range
Hide details for EditorEditor
NKAH9RWEK9Fixed an issue with blank/generic icons appearing for shortcut link attachments. On Windows, a user can create a shortcut link to a file. This...
RREN8G2N6LFixed a printing defect that caused the printed output to be different than what was being displayed on screen for a MIME email message. For example,...
GMAM9BTJSBFixes an issue where the source language dropdown combo is not functioning correctly in the Application Properties XPages editor. Selecting a...
BHUY8WHF7VFixed a client crash that would occur when encountering a corrupted paragraph or table.
AJAN9657JM Fixes a navigation issue that would highlight a different inbox mail message switching between Notes and another application using ...
JKAE8YQDEWFixes issue where a message entry gets created in the trash folder whenever an eml file that was saved from the Notes Client, is...
TITH9BQDZFFixes issue where the "Name" field of the print dialog is blank if the default printer driver has DBCS name. This is a regression in...
SSZG7H3HBHFixes an intermittent issue that prevented dragging big attachments from Notes to the operating system Desktop.
JLEN9JABGAFixes issue where borders are lost when copy+paste table F\from Excel 2010 to Notes
MNAA9A79FGFixes issue where Sans-Serif DBCS characters are rotated 90 degrees.
HNEO4Y9BHVFixes Error : This field cannot be split into multiple paragraphs received when copying and pasting a bitmap.
CSMH9QHKNFFixes issue where the incorrect font is used after installing additional True Type fonts in Notes 9. The fix requires the new notes.ini variable...
XXZZ9JN999Fixes a cross platform crash opening emails with certain objects in them. This issue was more common on Notes Client Mac 10.9.


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